How to Choose the Right Theater Jewellery for Your Character
Choosing the right theater jewelry for your character is an important part of any performance on a stage. Jewelry can set the tone for a character’
How To Build A Movie Theater Room In Your Apartment?
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Watch movies on the large screen, at home, in your own living room, with the best home theatre system is truly a wonderful feeling. There are no rigid
History of Brentwood Theatre
11611 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025    This 1938 photo from the MGM art department is now in the Los Angeles Public Library 
What was Brentwood like in 1970
Brentwood, like much of California, was once a rural area. Ranchos were given to wealthy landowners, and the land was divided among them.
History of the Broadway District
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In 1911, there were about 300,000 residents living in Los Angeles. Hollywood was still a small town and movies were silent. D. W. Griffith was two years
Where can I watch musicals in Los Angeles?
5 most famous theaters in Los Angeles We have selected 5 amazing cinemas in LA that will give you an unforgettable experience. Each cinema has its own